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A tihanyi Fogas Csárda Erzsébet utalvány és Szép kártya elfogadóhely
A tihanyi Fogas Csárda a Google keresőben (Fogas Csárda)

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naturally features fish, primarily the famous fish of the Balaton, the fogas , that is also in the csárda's name referred to. (The fogas is a delicious carnivorous fish in the lake, quite a bit similar to the walleyes living in North America .)
The Tihanyi Halászlé (Fish soup specialty) and the world famous Hungarian Goulash Soup are also among the most popular dishes offered. Further to these our menu card offers a wide variety of beef-, pork-, venison-, and poultry dishes, as well as dishes created to satisfy the needs of our vegetarian or juvenile guests.

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